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    Search for business partners worldwide

    For most companies it is important to bring their products to the world market in the long-term or the nearest future. This means that you will have to look for partners for cooperation abroad. And, as practice shows, this is the most difficult, the process takes a long time, and the result of the search is not always satisfactory. Our b2b platform is designed to make it as simple as possible to develop your business and search for international partners around the world.

    Who needs partners?

    Our service of finding suppliers, buyers and other organizations and private entrepreneurs interested in partnership will surely be of use to those who:

    • Is in search of foreign business partners, clients and investors;
    • Looks for direct contacts of managers of companies abroad;
    • Wishes to use the Internet as efficiently as possible in business - to quickly search for and expand existing business connections;
    • In the search for effective ways to promote a business project with minimal investment;
    • Wants to create a positive image of the company;
    • Wishes to draw more attention to your business project;
    • Looks for qualified foreign employees.

    This list is, of course, incomplete, because our system can be useful to a wide range of entrepreneurs, because thanks to the search settings, clients interested in your services can be found very quickly.

    What is convenient for a business platform

    Registration on our service, like all basic functions, is free of charge, which users have already appreciated. Every day potential partners become more and more, and the geography of e-commerce grows. This means that it is easier to find customers, and business promotion tasks no longer last for years.

    The big advantage of b2b-system is that our compatriots, as well as businessmen from Russia, Ukraine and other countries, who know Russian well, can search for Russian-speaking partners all over the world. Thus, the language barrier does not interfere with establishing new business contacts.

    The simplicity and clarity of managing your account and the interface of the site is not an accident. When it comes to finding business partners, you do not need extra options. The site, full of them, causes, rather rejection, as learning to use all options will take a lot of time, and it is valued by business people at a premium.

    Thus, the platform will be useful to any entrepreneur, after all, in fact, is a free showcase, the opening of its services to the world.

    From Kamchatka to America

    The scope of activity of the participants of our ambitious project is very different: logistics services, manufacturing, clothing and footwear, food products, services for developing and promoting websites. When the project was launched, the most active were businessmen from Russia and other CIS countries, China, Germany, Italy and the United States. Such a broad geography is a huge potential for small and medium-sized businesses, which can not be ignored. The digital platform allows entrepreneurs to express themselves not only from megacities, but also from smaller towns, which are much harder to attract attention from potential partners. And the contracts that are concluded with the help of our site will be another incentive for the development of these territories, which will also benefit the social sphere.

    Searching for online partners is no longer a fantasy, thanks to our project. Modernity dictates new rules for business development and expansion of sales markets, providing new services that it would be unwise to ignore. Look for your future partners with us, you will like it!


    • ONLY B2B

      open B2B platform for finding a partner in any region


      free online platform where business owners can find business partners - from investors to buyers both on the domestic market and around the world


      is a business network of entrepreneurs who work in the international market or are only planning to enter it


      You no longer need to look for potential partners around the Internet. Our goal is to focus the maximum content of like-minded people on one resource


      The BIS site works in Russian, English, Italian - in development


      A full range of services from the creation of the company's brand to its popularization in the target market

    1. The company, interested in cooperation, independently places its offer/demand for the initially "warm" market of like-minded people
    2. With the help of smart-search it is possible to choose independently the appropriate partners from anywhere in the world (by name, category, country, keywords, hashtags)
    3. Providing information on companies that have expressed interest in your proposal
    4. Combining the interests of companies - an additional package of services
      • the help of an interpreter in correspondence, in voice negotiations, in working with documents
      • consultations on business with foreign partners
      • analysis of the market of interest
      • customs and logistics
      • a wide range of marketing activities
      • organization of trade missions
      • full range of services in the field of business tourism
    • Free account allows you to place information about your company on an international platform
    • All portal users will be able to learn about your company
    • The possibility of using all BIS products - from smart-search to individual work of specialists with your company
    • Only registered users can respond to the demand or offer of other platform participants
    • Registration
    • Placing information about your company
    • Placing proposals on behalf of your company
    1. Just click on the "Join" active link in the menu or "Start now " at the bottom of the page.
    2. Fill in the fields in the opened registration form (at least email).
    3. Click on the link sent to the email address you provided during registration to activate your account.
    4. Edit the profile by filling in the required fields in your personal account: company name, country, contact information.
    5. Create a proposal (demand or offer) by clicking on the "ADD OFFER" in your personal account. The CATEGORY field, you can only select only ONE category at a time.

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