FEA services

Most modern companies seek to develop their business through cooperation with partners from other countries. The sphere of the economy related to the export and import of goods and services, foreign loans and investments, the implementation of joint projects of companies from different countries and foreign trade and their legal support has been called foreign economic activity, or in abbreviated form, FEA.

FEA services and their necessity

Very often, companies engaged in trade, at one time come to the idea of export and import of goods. Production is often also associated with the import of foreign components and raw materials, as well as the export of its products to foreign consumers. And transport costs for the delivery of their goods to another country can more than be covered by the profits.

But the purchase and sale of goods between countries is not all the services of foreign economic activity, the interaction between companies representing different states can be much wider. Sometimes, in order to modernize production or master a new technology, additional financing is needed, which for one reason or another cannot be obtained in its state. We have to look for an investor abroad.

Every year the provision of services and the sale of goods to foreign partners is growing. Volumes of turnovers are also increasing, and most often this happens at the expense of small and medium businesses. And naturally, the demand of such market players for information about potential partners and ways to build mutually beneficial cooperation with them naturally increases. Advertising and information exhibitions inviting representatives of foreign firms only partially solve this problem, since not all companies can get access to them. What is the solution to the problem?

Outsourcing FEA

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity, that is, the transfer of certain functions of foreign economic activity to third parties or services is a dynamically developing business today. In the role of such organizations can act as a consulting agency, agency companies and other firms. But the cost of their services sometimes does not allow them to use a wide range of applicants. What to do in this situation?

The information search platform byitsmart.com allows you to find a foreign partner very quickly, cooperation with which will be beneficial to all parties. The main difference of this b2b platform from other is a constantly growing audience of potential companies, looking for partners and ready to offer their services. This contributes to the development of a large base of possible partners for your business. That is, almost any company owner can find:

  • Supplier, ready to sell the necessary components or raw materials.
  • A salesperson interested in selling your goods at home.
  • A company providing logistics services, through which to deliver its goods to the EU, China, North and South America, will cease to be an unsolvable problem.
  • Investor from abroad, which allows to significantly increase production or modernize it and reach a completely new level.

The platform is a real foreign economic activity on outsourcing, allowing you to link businesses operating in various parts of the world. Today the market is overflowing with proposals and the project’s goal is to bring people together, to help build real partnerships that will be beneficial to all parties.

Just a few minutes to register and fill out your profile in your personal account - and you are part of the b2b platform, where thanks to a convenient search, everyone can find their partner. In addition, it may be your services that will interest other partners who are looking for you.

We also provide a turnkey business partner search service upon your request. We will assist in finding business contacts, preparing marketing material in a foreign language, negotiating and accompanying your project: from search to transaction.

This is a whole range of services that allows you to establish partnership quickly and efficiently with foreign companies.


  • increase in sales and profits of the company through new partnerships;
  • development of your business in foreign markets with minimal financial and time costs;
  • reducing the risk of making the wrong business decision;
  • contract on the most favorable conditions for you.

If you are interested in obtaining more detailed information on this service, fill out an application and we will contact you.

Date of publication: 26. 09. 2018
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