How to find a foreign partner for profitable cooperation?

Most modern companies sooner or later face the problem of expanding their markets, for which the management comes to the decision to find partners abroad. Foreign suppliers can contribute to the expansion of business, the opening of a new direction, a foreign investor can help to implement a startup and develop a successful business, a wholesale buyer from another state will assist with the promotion of goods in other countries.

In any of these cases, if you need a foreign partner, you will need to go through several mandatory steps:

  • Find a potential partner;
  • Establish a connection with him;
  • Negotiate with him;
  • Make a business agreement.

In case of successful completion of all these stages, you can reap the benefits of your efforts in the future, because foreign partners are the right investment in the future development of your company.

How to find a foreign partner?

Before you start the process of finding a partner from abroad, you have to prepare for this responsibly, because it is from the preliminary preparation that success in achieving your goals will largely depend. At this stage, it will be necessary to collect information, assess the demand and supply in the segment of potential partners. In addition, you will need to prepare presentation documents, and, in the language of a potential partner or at least in English.

After that, you need to go to the search process itself. The easiest and most obvious way to date is to search for foreign partners on the Internet. For this you can use quite well-known portals of international communication - Facebook and Twitter, as well as professional networks - Linkedln, Xing and others. Moreover, Linkedlin is better suited if you are looking for partners in English-speaking countries or companies in which English is well known. But is a portal that is actively used by partners who know the German language. Given that German, in terms of the number of Europeans speaking it, ranks first in the EU - this network contains a huge number of potential partners. Recently, com has gained great popularity among Russian-speaking businessmen who want to find partners in other countries, about the features of work which will be discussed a bit later.

The third step is to establish contact with a foreign partner. This can be done by e-mail, Skype, mobile messengers or professional networks already listed. At the same time, the main thing is to present your company correctly - to show your idea, line of business, advantages of your cooperation offer, as well as the benefit that your partner will receive. For this it is necessary to prepare a presentation in which to specify:

  • The uniqueness of the company and its competitive advantages;
  • Which of these unique features may be of interest to a foreign partner;
  • Outline the target audience that will be interested in your offer in the partner country.

At this stage, the main thing is to convey to the partner why cooperation with your company will be beneficial for him.

The last stage is the negotiation and signing of an agreement, and this stage is probably the most difficult, more difficult than finding a potential partner. After all, your goal is to sign a long-term agreement that will be as beneficial as possible for you, while your partner’s wishes are just the opposite. Business negotiations are a whole art and much will depend on the ability to understand someone else's mentality. Someone prefers fast negotiations, someone slow and thoughtful, in addition, each culture has its own formalities that must be respected during negotiations.

Features of interaction with

Naturally, the whole process of finding a partner takes a lot of effort, time, and sometimes nerves. That is why the com platform became so popular immediately after its launch. After all, each stage of finding partners from other countries is much easier here. For the convenience of the search, all companies offering partnerships are grouped by countries of location, as well as business sectors, which significantly saves time. In addition, the user of the platform can create his own offer of cooperation and will search for it already, which is much more efficient.

For serious users of the platform there is a service BIS-agent. In a nutshell, this is the outsourcing of a partner search service, that is, placing this mission on the shoulders of platform employees. All you have to do is create a request to search for a foreign partner with an indication of the features that are important to you. The employees themselves will select the best options for cooperation from companies from more than 4 dozen countries around the world. You will need to choose the best offers in your opinion, negotiate and conclude an agreement.

Save your time and money with the BIS-agent from

Date of publication: 05. 10. 2018
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