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The search for an investor for business today is one of the main problems that any enterprise faces, whether it be representatives of small or large businesses. Even the leaders of their industries sometimes are forced to use borrowed funds of investors to realize their goals. What to say about the author of a startup then, who simply does not have enough money to implement his plan. So how is guaranteed to find an investor for your business?

Typical ways of obtaining investment capital

There is no single recipe for attracting the owner of capital to implement your idea. Investor search will depend on many factors, for example:

  • The size of the business - large-scale production and service repair of household appliances require different amounts of investment;
  • The goals of attracting finance are the discovery of new directions or the realization of new beginnings from scratch;
  • Relationship with the investor - whether the partner will own a part of the business with the right to manage it, or only part of the future profit is enough for him, etc.

For example, an enterprise that works steadily, but has a project of expansion or transition to the release of a new product for itself and its further implementation. The amount required for this is comparable to the turnover of production. In this case, the most reasonable way out of the situation seems to be a bank loan. This type of investment allows you to maintain fully the control over the company, the business owner continues to monitor personally all business processes. In addition, banks are quite willing to provide credit services to just such industries.

The situation is quite different if the required amount of investment far exceeds the pace of private business. Usually in such cases, banks are in no hurry to negotiate such a loan, in this case you have to look for investors yourselves, perhaps even foreign ones, there are special websites for such cases. Such situations happen much more often and their number increases from year to year. On the other hand, the number of foreign investors who are ready to invest their money in a new project or a successfully operating enterprise that is looking for opportunities for expansion is increasing.

How to receive money?

But finding a real investor is only half the battle. It is necessary that the project presented by you aroused his interest and desire to invest money in it. Choosing the subject of investment, the owners of large capital assess many factors, including the personal qualities of the entrepreneur, which must convince the business partner to invest in his business. The more attractive and promising the project is, the more interest it can attract from investors, which will make it possible to have more offers and choose the most profitable of them or receive a much larger amount than originally planned.

That is why the key task of an entrepreneur will be to give the investor the impression that the company is going to produce a product that has high chances of success and further profit. To do this, there must be at least a business plan that can be shown to a potential partner. It’ll be fine if you prepare a financial forecast in which you specify the required amount of investment, a share in a business or profit that you plan to offer the investor, as well as the planned amount of costs and profits for the next few years, as well as when the break-even point is reached. Also, investors are interested in the current project, focused on a broad market or a rapidly growing market segment. Serious businessmen are interested in a product with a high level of protection against fakes, which can be a key factor in the fight against competitors.

Search for an investor on the Internet

One of the best ways to find an investor for free is to find him on the Internet. Internet sites designed for this purpose have recently become increasingly popular. A platform such as is able to bring together many investors and search ads for people who want to invest in a promising business. So the chance that your offer will arouse the interest of a potential investor is great. Large investors need prospective investors as many entrepreneurs need financing, a good idea among them is worth its weight in gold. That is why they register on the site, which provides assistance in finding such an idea.

In this regard, the right decision would be to fill out your profile urgently on the b2b platform, indicating that you are in search of an investor. This will increase the chances that a new blood will be infused into your enterprise in the form of much-needed financial resources, and not only from investors from the CIS, but also from such countries as Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, and China. is your way to the global investment market!

Date of publication: 10. 10. 2018
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