Credits in Italy

We will be glad to render our feasible assistance in developing and strengthening cooperation between the business of the Italian Republic and the Republic of Belarus

Option 1

Credit in Italian bank for bank guarantee in €

This option assumes the possibility of obtaining a credit from the Italian Bank for financing your Project in Belarus under the Bank Guarantee of the Belarusian Bank


The cost of the Bank Guarantee of the Belarusian Bank (on average)
1-2% per annum

The cost of Bank Guarantee Insurance (on average)
1% per annum

The cost of a credit from the Italian Bank (on average)
1% per annum

Total Cost of Credit (on average) 3-4% per annum

Bank Guarantees of the Belarusian Bank - the Bank Guarantee of the Belarusian Bank can be considered that guarantees the fulfillment by your company of obligations to the Italian Bank that will issue a loan for payments under your contract with the Italian Supplier

Italian Bank credit - a loan from the Italian Bank can be used by your company to finance your project in Belarus, provided that the Contractor (Supplier) is an Italian company. The credit can be used to supply equipment, materials and construction of industrial buildings, i.e. all that is stipulated by the Contract for realization of the Project “on a turn-key basis”. The credit can have any term that is secured by the Banking Guarantee of the Belarusian Bank - up to 4 years

Option 2

State financial support

Loan - the provision of small business funds on a returnable basis

Guarantees - the provision of guarantees for soft loans, including microcredits, issued by banks of the Republic of Belarus at the expense of local budgets provided for by programs of state support for small and medium-sized businesses and placed in the deposits of these banks

Leasing - provision of property on a financial lease basis

more about the terms of state support

Comparison table

Criteria Credit in Belarusian Banks Credit through Italian financing
Interest rate € 7,5-14% € 2-4%
Collateral security 1,5-2 times higher than the amount of the credit, surety Not required
Advance payment From 10-15% From 0 to 15%
Credit term Up to 3 years Up to 4 years
Credit repayment Every month 4 times a year
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